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Effective Reception Class Practice
What are the challenges and dilemmas of effective Reception class practice?

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Home visits for children starting school

Are you involved in home visits for new children soon to join school.  Have you thought about why you are doing them and what they achieve?   I think there are a number of questions to be asked of the purpose of home visits in order to make them fully worthwhile:-

  • What do you see as the purpose of the home visit?
  • Is it to get to know the child?
  • Is it to get to know the family?
  • Does school paperwork get in the way?
  • What do you do if you see that the family needs support from other agencies?
  • How can your local Children's Centre be involved in home visits?
  • Do we need to prepare children before they start school?
  • If so, should this be a joint venture?
  • How can we encourage parents / carers to dialogue with us?
Please contact me if you are interested in finding out more how to develop home visits.

Early Years support

I am a freelance early years consultant with a range of support packages on offer to enable you to develop your school or setting.
I am a qualified teacher with substantial experience in early years education, management and advisory support.
i hold the following specialisms:-

  • Early Literacy (including the development of phonics and early reading and writing
  • Early Mathematics (including the use of carpet time and mathematical games to develop early number)
  • Audit and action plan to develop effective practice
  • in house training and hands on modelling of effective practice
  • Working with key practitioners

Contact me if you need any support with Early Years in your school, setting, or Local Authority (see contact details below, or use the contact form in 'About me')